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Ten Difficult Women: Their Impact and Legacy

That “well behaved women rarely make history” is a fact. Those who do make history are too busy developing their unique talents, expressing their authentic selves, and fulfilling their life’s purpose to worry about conforming to senseless rules, being superficially “nice,” or fitting-in.  Ten Difficult Women explores the question: “What made them that way?”  In the process, it uncovers surprising similarities between personalities as diverse and separated by time and place as: Rosa Parks, Coco Chanel, Hillary Clinton, Queen Boudicca, Harriet Tubman, Drew Barrymore, Sarah Palin, Toby Riddle, Anne Frank, and the mother of all “difficult women,” Eve.   A fascinating study!

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Karma: How to View It, Use It, and Lose It

Preface: “From as far back as I can remember, answers I received to the questions: “Why are we here?” and “What happens to us after we die?” made no sense to me…”

“Of all the concepts I discovered and studied, the most profoundly impactful to my life was the law of cause and effect–Karma–and its complement, Reincarnation. Finally, I had discovered a world view that was fair, compassionate, and made sense…”

“Would your life, would life on this planet be any different if we knew–beyond a shadow of a doubt–that every single circumstance and event in individual and planetary history occurs as a result of previous, free-willed actions?
How could we feel jealousy or resentment toward a person, group, or class of people who seem to have a better or easier life than us when we understand that they are where they are because their previous actions chose it for them?…”

“The book you are holding will teach you how to transform the way you view your life and suggest ways to use every situation you find yourself in as an opportunity to balance your karma and move one step closer to fulfilling your soul’s purpose for being here. The “what goes around comes around” world view isn’t new.  In fact, it seems to be an instinctive certainty, understood at a “genetic” level by just about everyone.  Yet, there are crucial times in human history when making an extra effort to pay attention to the law of cause and effect, and really notice how it is playing out in our personal and collective lives, is more important to our evolution than others.  NOW is one of those times….”

To view the synopsis, endorsements, and learn where to purchase advance copies, please click Karma under “Adult Books.”

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    TEN DIFFICULT WOMEN: THEIR IMPACT AND LEGACY is selling well on Amazon, Kindle, and through various book sellers.
    If you would like your local bookstore to order you a copy (especially Barnes & Noble stores which have a very quick turn-around) simply provide the title and ISBN #: 978-1-4626-9549-2

    a 2012 USA Best Book Award Finalist in the category: "Spirituality:Inspirational," has run its two year contract with the original publisher. It has been picked up by another and should be released as a reprint by the end of 2014. Stay tuned!

    The title of my April/May column, "Perspectives," in Pet Tails Magazine is: "The Cat Lady." It tells the story of a woman in Pittsburgh who devoted her retirement years to rescuing the most hopeless, hapless cats from a local shelter and the interesting, elegant lifestyle she and seven of these lucky kitties lived before her recent death.

    NOTE TO ANIMAL LOVERS: All Pet Tails' articles can be read on-line at www.pettailsmagazine.com as soon as removed from news stands and replaced with current month's issue. In this case, after June 1st.

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