Ten Difficult Women

Ten Difficult Women

That “well behaved women rarely make history” is a fact. Those who do make history are too busy developing their unique talents, expressing their authentic selves, and fulfilling their life’s purpose to worry about conforming to senseless rules, being superficially “nice,” or fitting-in.  Ten Difficult Women explores the question: “What made them that way?”  In the process, it uncovers surprising similarities between personalities as diverse and separated by time and place as: Rosa Parks, Coco Chanel, Hillary Clinton, Queen Boudicca, Harriet Tubman, Drew Barrymore, Sarah Palin, Toby Riddle, Anne Frank, and the mother of all “difficult women,” Eve.   A fascinating study!

Ten Difficult Women is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.



“Ten Difficult Women: Their Impact and Legacy is an eloquent and powerful tribute to women who took risks, who broke rules, who ignored conventions to forge new possibilities.  It is a tribute to their intelligence, their courage, their refusal to be discouraged.  But even more than that, it is a portrait of unwavering passion–the passion of women who loved, who dreamed, who embraced their calling with total heart, mind, and spirit.  Their unquenchable passion has, quite simply, given us a more brilliant, imaginative, and inspiring world.”

JoAnn Falletta, D.M.A. —–Musician; Conductor and Music Director of the Buffalo Philharmonic and Virginia Symphony Orchestra; Principal Conductor of the Ulster Orchestra in Ireland.



“Ten Difficult Women: Their Impact and Legacy is very well-written and deals with the trials and tribulations of ten, very well-known women in our history………

Recently I became enthralled with the History Channel’s  “The Men Who Built America,” which deals with the likes of John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and JP Morgan.  These men rose from obscurity and in the process built modern America.  I liken Ten Difficult Women to that TV special.  I was always under the impression that these people were born with a silver spoon in their mouths.  Like these men, the ‘Ten Difficult Women,’ too, rose from obscurity and in the process made a major contribution to the future of our country and to their gender.

While I personally believe women would enjoy this read more than men, for those men willing to see the world from another side, I believe this book will open your eyes and maybe give you a new perspective on life.”

Peter Cousin, Editor: Village News,  www.VillageNewsVa.com


“Karen Reed Hadalski is an award winning writer and knows full well the path she trod to reach this lofty place.  She was inspired to write this book (as she admits in her Preface) by reading a bumper sticker while sitting in a traffic jam.  It said “Well Behaved Women Rarely make History” and it made her think, for what else can one do when stuck in traffic?  She thought of many famous women and their struggles to fulfill their life’s purpose, as they perceived it to be….

She has told the story of a variety of women from history and those who have made their own history with their achievements. The Foreword is written by JoAnn Falletta who has succeeded in making an exalted place for herself in the world of Music when female conductors were (and still are) few and far between…

KRH wondered if there existed common threads running through these women’s lives?  Was it the difficulty of their early life?  The seemingly impossible goals they set for themselves?  One thing is certain, they all had the courage to risk, the determination and perseverance to forge ahead and, above all, strength of character.

Ten Difficult Women is a fine read, well presented and well written. It will certainly be an inspiration to its readers.”

M. Steinhart,  “Literature Lover”


“…Hadalski has taken a group of women who at first may seem like a disparate group and shows how the actions and legacy of one share common denominators with, and in many cases influenced, the others–and continue to influence us today. This is an inspirational work that everyone, not just women, should read, hopefully challenging the reader to be more and do more in life and leave their own “difficult” legacy for the future.  The author has hinted at another volume–I hope she follows through!”

Joan D. Reynolds:  Lynn, Massachusetts


“Ten Difficult Women: Their Impact and Legacy:  Recent studies have shown that of all the hurdles women face in the world, the most difficult may be that of perception.  The assertive, strong and accomplished woman is even to this day too often maligned for such traits that make a man seem strong and powerful.  In Ten Difficult Women, Karen Reed Hadalski seeks to strip away the negative connotations that can still surround pioneering women and build up ten examples of powerful women who went beyond the ordinary expectations and changed the world….  As readers move through Hadalski’s work, they will come to understand that while each of these women played a role in change at different times and for different causes that each of them share core characteristics which had made them pioneers in not only moving women forward, but indeed in moving the world as a whole forward.  Her work shines for its deep research into each of the women featured….

Hadalski’s work is also accessible.  The author has a talent  for imbuing her non-fiction with a creative approach.  Do not expect a dry text-book like discourse on each of these women and pioneering women in general…..  Writers of non-fiction who want their works to be successful beyond the halls of academia must make the history and players come alive.  The author has done that quite well in her book….  As women continue to struggle for an equal image, Hadalski’s book opens the dialogue about building positive female role models for now and the future.”

M.N. Prather, Reviewer

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