Make Your Dreams Come True

Make Your Dreams Come True

 Make your Dreams Come True is the perfect book to read with your child.  While children learn about the impact of imagination, the law of cause and effect, gratitude, and how to align actions with thoughts and feelings, parents learn about their child’s deepest desires, values, and dreams for the future.

If you are old enough to read alone, you will discover that you are POWERFUL, that you don’t have to wait until you grow up to influence how your life will turn out, and that you already possess everything you need to be happy and successful.  This might just be the best “self-help” book your child–and you–will ever read!

Click here to read a review by Editor Peter Cousin of Make your Dreams Come True.

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Excerpt:  p. 11:  “Do you know that you can help to make good things happen in your life?  You can!  But first you have to realize the magical power you possess.  Then, you have to learn how to use it. The most miraculous power you own is your imagination.  Everybody knows that we can think about the future and imagine things–like how we will look when we grow up, what our new teacher will be like, or how delicious our chocolate birthday cake will taste.  But, what everyone does not know is that thoughts are really things!



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