Enduring Destiny

Enduring Destiny

Enduring Destiny takes you from the gritty to the sublime; from a Philadelphia ghetto to the womb of timelessness. Through a near death experience, David Stella discovers not only his life’s purpose, but the history of his soul’s journey into the earth plane–from Pure Thought, to entanglement with the planet’s earliest life forms, through lives of struggle, insignificance, and success. You will learn, with David, what it really means to have a “twin soul,” how we become trapped in cycles of death and rebirth, what Darkness requires to survive and thrive, and that we are never completely alone. This is a story of reclaiming and redeeming an individual and national destiny–against all odds.


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EXCERPT: p. 50:  “Overcome with grief and anger, I asked, “What kind of beings are they who inflict such abuse on their own offspring?”  he answered without emotion.  “A being who does not honor or value itself.  In the year two thousand twelve, the Earth will consist primarily of creatures who have no conscious memory of their origin, no awareness of their true identity, and no sense of their purpose or destiny.  Those who feel a painful emptiness, an inexplicable sense of guilt and shame, a longing for something they cannot name, will strive to escape from that state. Some will search diligently for teachers, gurus, priests, writers, therapists–anyone who might help them transcend their sense of insignificance and futility and give them a reason to continue their existence.
Some will attempt to sedate the pain by overindulging in food, drink, and drugs.  Some will learn to sublimate their emotions, repress them, or escape from them completely by concentrating all their attention on external, energy depleting activities such as work, sex, sports, and other people’s lives.  A few will rediscover–through meditation, prayer, reconnecting with Nature, and studying the teachings of Earth’s masters and prophets–the Eternal Self.”

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