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Posted by Karen Hadalski at 6 November 2013

Category: reincarnation/karma

Since the beginning of recorded history, man has created just three major theories to explain existence.

The first, that of the Materialist, being that the only “real” thing about life is that which is physical.  Therefore, when the body dies, the mind dies, and the individual being is no more.

The second is that we are souls, created at the moment of our physical birth, and meant to live on as souls after the death of our flesh and blood bodies.  The Christian expression of this is that, depending on how “good” or “bad” we are during our one lifetime on earth, our souls will spend eternity in either a perpetual state of bliss (Heaven) or eternal punishment (Hell).

The third, reincarnation, asserts that our essence is spirit (energy) which assumes physicality while living on Earth.  Spirit/energy cannot die; however, it can “transform.” I agree with the physicist, Raynor C. Johnson when he states:  “The idea of reincarnation presents no logical difficulties whatever the emotional reaction to it.  What the soul has done once by the process of incarnation in a physical body it can, presumably, do again.”

A vast number of people on Earth embrace this third worldview, which expresses itself in many world religions and philosophies including:  Hinduism; Buddhism; mystical Judaism (Kabalists) and Christianity (Theosophists & Rosicrucianists); the Sufi sect of Islam; tribal religions world-wide; and the many New Age teachings by Ascended Masters, Deepak Chopra’s “Chopra Center,” channeled information from well-known psychics such as Edgar Cayce, hypnotic regressionists, and more.

At the time I wrote Karma: How To View it, Use It, and Lose It the most recent polls conducted by Opinion Dynamics Corporation and The Harris Poll concluded that approximately One Third of Americans, from various faith expressions, believe in the possibility or probability of reincarnation.

Inherent in this world view is the belief that each soul is a unique expression of its Creator and will enter into many physical bodies/life experiences in order to learn, grow, and express its individuality until it attains spiritual self-actualization.  In Cayce’s words, the goal of successive lives is coming “To know ourselves to be ourselves and yet be one with God.”

These cycles of physical death and rebirth will come to an end when we have finally attained the perfection and wholeness of our original, immaculate conception. “Rewards” and “punishments” come by way of experiencing the effects of all we have caused through our thoughts, words, and deeds–our Karma.

Eventually, all mankind will attain union (re-union) with God.


Posted by Karen Hadalski at 30 October 2013

Category: reincarnation/karma

Though these terms might appear to be mutually exclusive, they are all parts of the same WHOLE of human experience.

Karma is both a natural and a spiritual law.  And, while we occupy our bodies we, like every other material thing in existence, are subject to the laws of nature.  In the observable universe, everything has a cause and every cause has a determinate effect.  And “Nature” includes not only the universe with all its phenomena, but the laws and principles which guide that universe, as well.

While we a part of this natural world, how could it be that everything under the sun is governed by the same laws and principles–except human beings? The concept of karma is simply the extension of this law of universal causation to include man’s moral and spiritual life.  It asserts that every decision we make must result in determinate consequences.  As an impersonal, impartial, natural law, it has nothing at  all in common with the man-made ideas of “predestination” or “luck.”

Most of the world understands and–to some extent–takes seriously the law of cause and effect/karma–even Americans! How often have you heard:  “What goes around comes around,” “You reap what you sow,” “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you,” or, “Sow a thought to reap an act, sow an act to reap a habit, sow a habit to reap a character, sow a character to reap a destiny.

Destiny represents the results (effects) of our thoughts, words, and deeds throughout our current and past incarnations on Earth. This is very different than the belief that an outside Source determines our life experiences for us–what many refer to as “predestination.” In all lives and in all circumstances we have freedom of choice and possess Free Will. 

Even if you find yourself in a situation you believe you had no hand in creating, and believe you in no way deserve, you will be able to deal with it in a much more constructive and effective manner if you accept the fact that even if you don’t remember the cause you created to set these results in motion–in this or a past life– you can be sure that nothing “just happens.”  The only other plausible explanation for your predicament would be that you chose your experience/situation as a learning or teaching opportunity to fulfill your soul purpose for being here. And, don’t forget that no matter how unable you might be to change a circumstance, there is always free-will and free choice regarding how you think about and react to your circumstances as well as what you choose to learn and “take away” from each experience.

When life is viewed from this perspective, it becomes easy to understand why, among Easterners and those who clearly comprehend karma and reincarnation, the concept of “victimization” is non-existent.







Posted by Karen Hadalski at 23 October 2013

Category: reincarnation/karma

My book, Karma: How To View It, Use It, and Lose It, published in 2011, has run its contract and gone out of print with the original publisher.  Though I have had an offer from another House for a second printing, I have decided to try something different.

Though writers own the copyright to their words;  when published, the publisher owns rights to everything else:  the physical book, how it is listed/promoted, sale price, how portions of the content may and may not be used, etc.

Therefore, I have decided to retain all rights to my work and republish on Amazon.  This printing will be available for sale, at a lower price, in the near future. In the meantime, I will use it as the subject for my blogs at least until my next book–dealing with the human-animal connection–is completed and published, probably a year or two from today.

To begin, I will present the definitions I assign to terms which will be used frequently in upcoming entries:  Words like karma, destiny, reincarnation, free will, grace, soul-purpose and others. I will attempt to be as concrete and clear when discussing these terms as possible so that we can then move on to various topics within these broader and integrated categories without the need to backtrack or repeat myself as we move along.

So, if you find a definition or explanation unclear or troublesome to you, please contact me via the “contact Karen” tab on my website– in an open forum– so that all will have access to our discussion. If you have a question, chances are high that others do as well.

I will attempt to post on Wednesdays of each week; but cannot provide the guarantee that some have asked for, as time must be spent in many competing quarters and forums these days.

We’ll begin next Wednesday, October 30th.  Welcome along!




Posted by Karen Hadalski at 30 May 2013

Category: Body-Mind-Spirit, reincarnation/karma

I have neglected my Blog for the last few months because I’ve been preoccupied with medical issues–heart issues. When I came home with a Pacemaker last week, most conversations I had with family and friends eventually moved to the subject of how many times I will need to have the battery/unit replaced during my remaining years.

In my case, because it will be operating constantly to keep my heart beating at a normal rate, the time-table will probably be every 5-8 years.  So, I began with my current age and used the cut-off point of age 80 to perform my calculations.

It was interesting and surprising to observe the different ways others responded to my world-view of not wanting to hang-on to my mortal existence beyond the point of being clear-minded, independent, and productive.  Many feel the “goal” of life is to stick around as many years as possible–regardless of one’s quality of life.

Because I believe we all embark on our human journey to fulfill a unique purpose and to balance/resolve karmic issues, I naturally believe that when these goals have been completed it is time to move on–either to a teaching phase–or–the transition into Spirit and preparation for our next incarnation or our next phase of learning and service in the  non-physical realm of Spirit.

To me this feels completely natural and makes far more sense than the theory of: one life, get it “right” and spend eternity in a static place called “Heaven;” or, get it “wrong” and spend eternity suffering in a place called “Hell.” It seems that this belief is what causes so many to fear the transition called “death” and causes them to struggle and strive to hold on to their mortal coil for as long as possible–even if their life has degenerated into nothing more than eating, sleeping, and taking-up space.

This is not to say that I believe in ending human life by unnatural means.  Most spiritual belief systems emphasize the importance of Free Will.  I view this God-given gift as the active, vital force that drives and directs our life.

If we are in touch with our real Self–our Soul–and in constant, prayerful contact with our God and our Spiritual Guides, we will know when our current incarnation has reached completion and our Will will be to move on to our next phase of evolution. How often do we hear the explanation for someone’s death as: “He/she simply lost the will to live?”

Jesus’ last words on the cross were:  “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.”  AND, “It is finished.” This awareness that his Life’s Purpose had reached its completion was his final teaching to us. It is a neglected teaching which, if properly understood, might be helpful to many who fear and struggle to comprehend end of life issues and the transition called “death.”





Posted by Karen Hadalski at 23 August 2012

Category: reincarnation/karma

Most of us can name more than a few “significant others” who came into our lives at exactly the right time to provide what we wanted, needed, or hoped for in our journey. I never gave much thought to how these encounters took place or who/what brought us together until recently.

As I mentioned last week, I am currently re-reading Dr. Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls. In one section, his clients are asked about final preparations in the spiritual realm before embarking on their next earthly incarnation. One interesting  exercise they mention is being taught a series of subconscious “prompts” that will  work to increase their probability of recognizing a person important to their life’s purpose when he or she comes along. These are usually sensory memories, such as the sound of a persons voice, the feel of holding or being close to someone, the “memory” of a particular object–such as a pendant or ring–and, most commonly, seeing deeply into and through a particular set of eyes.

When I began to reflect on the particular attraction that drew me to many important relationships in my life, I realized that eyes were usually the magnet or the repellent.  But, even more fascinating, was the unusual circumstance or third person that often facilitated the meeting in the first place.

For instance, I met my husband through a friend who was attracted to him and asked me to accompany her, for moral support, when she knocked on his door and invited him to a party she was planning. They lived in the same apartment building. A baseball fanatic, he was watching the final inning of a world series game and was curt and rude.  Though my friend didn’t seem to mind, and only heard the “okay” part, I was instantly turned-off and couldn’t understand what she found attractive about him (good looks notwithstanding).

To make a long story short, I stayed as far away from him as possible at the party, and barely glanced at him when refusing his invitation to dance.  He wasn’t at all attracted to my beautiful friend, and kept following me around.  Afterwards, when we talked, my friend said it was obvious they had “nothing in common”  and she really wasn’t interested in getting to know him further. She also said he asked her for my name & telephone number & she gave these to him!  I wasn’t happy.

After refusing to go out with him numerous times (he was persistent & there were no such things as answering machines or call-waiting back then) he just showed up at my door one day.  When I opened it, a pair of startlingly deep and beautiful green eyes met mine and immediately pierced my heart.

That was nearly four decades ago.  Our relationship has been rocky and challenging.  We are VERY different in very many ways.  Yet it is, at this point, clear to us that we are indeed soul mates who both needed and decided to take this journey together.  To say it has been a “learning experience” is a HUGE understatement; and, I definitely see it as karmic. Yet, I can’t imagine myself with any other man.

Another thing Newton’s clients state is that it is best to follow one’s immediate, emotional response when something like this happens rather than to think too hard or rationalize before making a decision to get involved or run in the opposite direction. Definitely advice worth pondering…



Posted by Karen Hadalski at 16 August 2012

Category: reincarnation/karma, Spirituality

I’m re-reading Journey of Souls this week.  I recently lost another friend and find that I often, spontaneously, peruse either this or Destiny of Souls shortly after losing someone close.

Somehow, reading about the stages a soul passes through, the assistance it receives, and the reunion with one’s spiritual “family” is comforting and makes me feel a little closer to my friends by experiencing, vicariously, what they are probably experiencing.

There are so many belief systems and constructs to contemplate, evaluate, and sift through where the topic of life after death is concerned.  This is the main reason I set-out on my quest to find the “Truth” at age twelve.

I never found the explanation offered by my Sunday School teachers about what happens to us after we die to be either believable or attractive.  Where Hell is concerned, though the image is certainly scary, my child’s heart could never believe that the God of Creation, our heavenly “Father,” would ever relegate any one of his children to such a horrid place.  I thought, there must be a better, more loving and constructive manner by which He teaches His children the error of their ways, the consequences of their actions, and provides a road to redemption.

With regard to Heaven, I was taught that this is an actual “place” where, if one was perceived as “good,” he or she would live forever, somewhere amid the clouds, cavorting with angels and playing the harp or something.  I pictured it as portrayed in the children’s book, The Littlest Angel, and thought: “What a boring life!”  I mean, you spend your whole time on Earth hoping to get there, and then what?  An eternity of unproductive nothingness? Again, my child’s mind could not wrap itself around such a meaningless “plan,” and this is what catapulted me into a quest that would last a lifetime.

While the larger questions of why we are created, live, die, and what the eternal life of a soul really entails were answered to my satisfaction when I discovered  Eastern and mystical Christian and Judaistic teachings about reincarnation and karma, the actual process by which we transition from physical to spiritual life; what we experience between lives; and what the ultimate goal and destination is in the realm of spirit still poses questions.  The continuing desire to find answers to these is what draws me to knowledge shared by those who have undergone Near Death Experiences and knowledge gleaned and recorded by psychologists such as Dr. Michael Newton during regression therapy and hypnosis sessions.

If you are at this point in your personal quest, I would highly recommend the two books noted above.  He has also written two additional books which I haven’t yet read:  Life Between Lives and Memories of the Afterlife.  All are published by Llewellyn Publication.

Posted by Karen Hadalski at 3 March 2012

Category: reincarnation/karma

A busy week responding to invitations to speak about Karma. People are searching: for an understanding of why the world is as it is; meaning and purpose in their lives; why there is so much suffering and contention; and, especially Boomers like myself, for answers to the questions: “Is this all there is?” and “What happens to us after we die?”

The best people and greatest minds have always been preoccupied with such issues.  These folks, by remaining searchers and questers will, eventually, find answers and serenity. Its the group that asks: “Why do you bother yourself with such problems?” that I worry about.  Even if they appear to be happy-go-lucky fun-lovers, all  must, at some point, experience loss and sadness; and all will, eventually, “meet Self.”

It is far better to be prepared for the storm before it hits.  Then you can truly relax and experience deep inner joy, instead of the tickle-in-the-side response to momentary pleasures that many call “happiness.”


Posted by Karen Hadalski at 16 February 2012

Category: reincarnation/karma

Soul Mates & Twin Souls are both important, primary spiritual connections; and, they are very different.  We all have many soul mates: individuals with whom we have shared close relationships during our many sojourns on Earth.

The nature of these relationships vary and include relatives, friends, professional colleagues, lovers, spouses, and almost every important, meaningful association we form. But, they are not always easy, compatible, or positive. We’ve had a long history with our soul mates and have, therefore, created both positive AND negative karma together.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and experienced a strong and immediate attraction or repulsion to them? Or, have you ever been in a relationship that your intellect and reason tell you is not good for you; yet, your heart and emotions over- ride such common sense with the feeling that it is your “destiny” to remain with this person, regardless of  inherent difficulties? These are probably soul mate connections.

When you partner with a colleague to achieve a particular goal or complete an important project; and, you find you are of one mind, communicate effortlessly, and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses; or, when you experience a dramatic “love at first sight” event, these are probably soul mate  “reunions,” as well.

However, a twin soul, or “twin flame,” is a different thing altogether. These are created at the same instant and are spiritual complements to one another.  Your twin soul is a real and imperative part of yourself–the yin to your yang, or vice verse.  He or she is the complementary balancing force which allows spiritual homeostasis to occur. Regardless of whether you are physically together or not ( and, in very many cases, you will not be, as one often remains in the realm of spirit while the other enters embodiment) you will always remain connected and in contact at the deepest levels of consciousness. The bond between twin souls can neither be broken nor replaced.

You can learn much more about soul mates and twin flames in the Climb the Highest Mountain books and other works by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Summit University Press). Though I hope this has been an adequate introduction, if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll see what I can do to shed a little more light on this intriguing subject.

Posted by Karen Hadalski at 26 January 2012

Category: reincarnation/karma

NDA’s provide a fascinating avenue for research into the validity of reincarnation.  Modern medical and technological advances have made it possible to revive countless people who had been pronounced clinically dead.  As a result, scores have passed through the “tunnel of light” and come back to tell their stories.  Organizations such as  The International Association for Near-Death Studies in Connecticut have sprung up to document and research the experiences of these survivors, as well as to give voice to their reports.

Many cities have local branches of the IANDS and present seminars which include first hand accounts by these survivors.  I attended one in Virginia Beach, and was astounded by the specificity and eloquence of a near death experience presented by Mellen-Thomas Benedict (described in chapter 3 of Karma:How To View It, Use It, and Lose It).  You can become acquainted with Mr. Benedict and his current work by visiting:

The respected psychiatrist and world-renowned authority and counselor on death and dying, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, states this in the chapter titled, “Death as Part of My Own Personal Life” in her book: DEATH, The Final Stage of Growth:  “ This work with dying patients has also helped me to find my own religious identity, to know there is life after death, and to know that we will be reborn one day in order to complete the tasks we have not been able or willing to complete in this lifetime…”

With modern advances in medicine, technology, research methodologies, hypnotic regression when in the Theta state of consciousness, documentation/validation of spontaneous past-life remembrances,  there is no longer a need to remain in total darkness where answers to the age-old questions: “Why are we here?” and “What happens to us after we die?” are concerned–unless, of course, you choose to.


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