Posted by Karen Hadalski at 30 May 2013

Category: Body-Mind-Spirit, reincarnation/karma

I have neglected my Blog for the last few months because I’ve been preoccupied with medical issues–heart issues. When I came home with a Pacemaker last week, most conversations I had with family and friends eventually moved to the subject of how many times I will need to have the battery/unit replaced during my remaining years.

In my case, because it will be operating constantly to keep my heart beating at a normal rate, the time-table will probably be every 5-8 years.  So, I began with my current age and used the cut-off point of age 80 to perform my calculations.

It was interesting and surprising to observe the different ways others responded to my world-view of not wanting to hang-on to my mortal existence beyond the point of being clear-minded, independent, and productive.  Many feel the “goal” of life is to stick around as many years as possible–regardless of one’s quality of life.

Because I believe we all embark on our human journey to fulfill a unique purpose and to balance/resolve karmic issues, I naturally believe that when these goals have been completed it is time to move on–either to a teaching phase–or–the transition into Spirit and preparation for our next incarnation or our next phase of learning and service in the  non-physical realm of Spirit.

To me this feels completely natural and makes far more sense than the theory of: one life, get it “right” and spend eternity in a static place called “Heaven;” or, get it “wrong” and spend eternity suffering in a place called “Hell.” It seems that this belief is what causes so many to fear the transition called “death” and causes them to struggle and strive to hold on to their mortal coil for as long as possible–even if their life has degenerated into nothing more than eating, sleeping, and taking-up space.

This is not to say that I believe in ending human life by unnatural means.  Most spiritual belief systems emphasize the importance of Free Will.  I view this God-given gift as the active, vital force that drives and directs our life.

If we are in touch with our real Self–our Soul–and in constant, prayerful contact with our God and our Spiritual Guides, we will know when our current incarnation has reached completion and our Will will be to move on to our next phase of evolution. How often do we hear the explanation for someone’s death as: “He/she simply lost the will to live?”

Jesus’ last words on the cross were:  “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.”  AND, “It is finished.” This awareness that his Life’s Purpose had reached its completion was his final teaching to us. It is a neglected teaching which, if properly understood, might be helpful to many who fear and struggle to comprehend end of life issues and the transition called “death.”





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