Near Death Experience

Posted by Karen Hadalski at 26 January 2012

Category: reincarnation/karma

NDA’s provide a fascinating avenue for research into the validity of reincarnation.  Modern medical and technological advances have made it possible to revive countless people who had been pronounced clinically dead.  As a result, scores have passed through the “tunnel of light” and come back to tell their stories.  Organizations such as  The International Association for Near-Death Studies in Connecticut have sprung up to document and research the experiences of these survivors, as well as to give voice to their reports.

Many cities have local branches of the IANDS and present seminars which include first hand accounts by these survivors.  I attended one in Virginia Beach, and was astounded by the specificity and eloquence of a near death experience presented by Mellen-Thomas Benedict (described in chapter 3 of Karma:How To View It, Use It, and Lose It).  You can become acquainted with Mr. Benedict and his current work by visiting:

The respected psychiatrist and world-renowned authority and counselor on death and dying, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, states this in the chapter titled, “Death as Part of My Own Personal Life” in her book: DEATH, The Final Stage of Growth:  “ This work with dying patients has also helped me to find my own religious identity, to know there is life after death, and to know that we will be reborn one day in order to complete the tasks we have not been able or willing to complete in this lifetime…”

With modern advances in medicine, technology, research methodologies, hypnotic regression when in the Theta state of consciousness, documentation/validation of spontaneous past-life remembrances,  there is no longer a need to remain in total darkness where answers to the age-old questions: “Why are we here?” and “What happens to us after we die?” are concerned–unless, of course, you choose to.



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