Posted by Karen Hadalski at 23 August 2012

Category: reincarnation/karma

Most of us can name more than a few “significant others” who came into our lives at exactly the right time to provide what we wanted, needed, or hoped for in our journey. I never gave much thought to how these encounters took place or who/what brought us together until recently.

As I mentioned last week, I am currently re-reading Dr. Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls. In one section, his clients are asked about final preparations in the spiritual realm before embarking on their next earthly incarnation. One interesting  exercise they mention is being taught a series of subconscious “prompts” that will  work to increase their probability of recognizing a person important to their life’s purpose when he or she comes along. These are usually sensory memories, such as the sound of a persons voice, the feel of holding or being close to someone, the “memory” of a particular object–such as a pendant or ring–and, most commonly, seeing deeply into and through a particular set of eyes.

When I began to reflect on the particular attraction that drew me to many important relationships in my life, I realized that eyes were usually the magnet or the repellent.  But, even more fascinating, was the unusual circumstance or third person that often facilitated the meeting in the first place.

For instance, I met my husband through a friend who was attracted to him and asked me to accompany her, for moral support, when she knocked on his door and invited him to a party she was planning. They lived in the same apartment building. A baseball fanatic, he was watching the final inning of a world series game and was curt and rude.  Though my friend didn’t seem to mind, and only heard the “okay” part, I was instantly turned-off and couldn’t understand what she found attractive about him (good looks notwithstanding).

To make a long story short, I stayed as far away from him as possible at the party, and barely glanced at him when refusing his invitation to dance.  He wasn’t at all attracted to my beautiful friend, and kept following me around.  Afterwards, when we talked, my friend said it was obvious they had “nothing in common”  and she really wasn’t interested in getting to know him further. She also said he asked her for my name & telephone number & she gave these to him!  I wasn’t happy.

After refusing to go out with him numerous times (he was persistent & there were no such things as answering machines or call-waiting back then) he just showed up at my door one day.  When I opened it, a pair of startlingly deep and beautiful green eyes met mine and immediately pierced my heart.

That was nearly four decades ago.  Our relationship has been rocky and challenging.  We are VERY different in very many ways.  Yet it is, at this point, clear to us that we are indeed soul mates who both needed and decided to take this journey together.  To say it has been a “learning experience” is a HUGE understatement; and, I definitely see it as karmic. Yet, I can’t imagine myself with any other man.

Another thing Newton’s clients state is that it is best to follow one’s immediate, emotional response when something like this happens rather than to think too hard or rationalize before making a decision to get involved or run in the opposite direction. Definitely advice worth pondering…



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