Posted by Karen Hadalski at 3 March 2012

Category: reincarnation/karma

A busy week responding to invitations to speak about Karma. People are searching: for an understanding of why the world is as it is; meaning and purpose in their lives; why there is so much suffering and contention; and, especially Boomers like myself, for answers to the questions: “Is this all there is?” and “What happens to us after we die?”

The best people and greatest minds have always been preoccupied with such issues.  These folks, by remaining searchers and questers will, eventually, find answers and serenity. Its the group that asks: “Why do you bother yourself with such problems?” that I worry about.  Even if they appear to be happy-go-lucky fun-lovers, all  must, at some point, experience loss and sadness; and all will, eventually, “meet Self.”

It is far better to be prepared for the storm before it hits.  Then you can truly relax and experience deep inner joy, instead of the tickle-in-the-side response to momentary pleasures that many call “happiness.”


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