Destiny, Karma, Free-Will:

Posted by Karen Hadalski at 30 October 2013

Category: reincarnation/karma

Though these terms might appear to be mutually exclusive, they are all parts of the same WHOLE of human experience.

Karma is both a natural and a spiritual law.  And, while we occupy our bodies we, like every other material thing in existence, are subject to the laws of nature.  In the observable universe, everything has a cause and every cause has a determinate effect.  And “Nature” includes not only the universe with all its phenomena, but the laws and principles which guide that universe, as well.

While we a part of this natural world, how could it be that everything under the sun is governed by the same laws and principles–except human beings? The concept of karma is simply the extension of this law of universal causation to include man’s moral and spiritual life.  It asserts that every decision we make must result in determinate consequences.  As an impersonal, impartial, natural law, it has nothing at  all in common with the man-made ideas of “predestination” or “luck.”

Most of the world understands and–to some extent–takes seriously the law of cause and effect/karma–even Americans! How often have you heard:  “What goes around comes around,” “You reap what you sow,” “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you,” or, “Sow a thought to reap an act, sow an act to reap a habit, sow a habit to reap a character, sow a character to reap a destiny.

Destiny represents the results (effects) of our thoughts, words, and deeds throughout our current and past incarnations on Earth. This is very different than the belief that an outside Source determines our life experiences for us–what many refer to as “predestination.” In all lives and in all circumstances we have freedom of choice and possess Free Will. 

Even if you find yourself in a situation you believe you had no hand in creating, and believe you in no way deserve, you will be able to deal with it in a much more constructive and effective manner if you accept the fact that even if you don’t remember the cause you created to set these results in motion–in this or a past life– you can be sure that nothing “just happens.”  The only other plausible explanation for your predicament would be that you chose your experience/situation as a learning or teaching opportunity to fulfill your soul purpose for being here. And, don’t forget that no matter how unable you might be to change a circumstance, there is always free-will and free choice regarding how you think about and react to your circumstances as well as what you choose to learn and “take away” from each experience.

When life is viewed from this perspective, it becomes easy to understand why, among Easterners and those who clearly comprehend karma and reincarnation, the concept of “victimization” is non-existent.







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