Posted by Karen Hadalski at 1 December 2011

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Welcome!  This is the first of many blogs I will aim to post every Thursday. I would love to hear what topics are of special interest to you.  In addition to subjects written about in my books, I am especially drawn to topics regarding nature and animals/pets. I have authored the bi-monthly column, “Perspectives,” in Pet Tails Magazine, for many years, now. This is a local publication, available in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.  However, some of my articles have been reprinted in other publications, including Pet New Zealand, and past issues are available at the www.pettailsmagazine.com web site for anyone to read. I am always interested in hearing about insights, experiences, concerns, and suggestions for future article topics that animal lovers and pet owners are willing to share. (Some months I am especially grateful for those “suggestions!”) Biography is also a special interest of mine. When a graduate student at Boston College I was awarded a research assistantship grant to assist Professor John J. McAleer in the fact-gathering efforts which laid the groundwork for the writing of his biography of Ralph Waldo Emerson: Ralph Waldo Emerson: Days of Encounter. During this same time, I worked as a part-time copy editor on Harvard (Radcliffe) University’s biographical dictionary project, Notable American Women, and have been hooked on the genre ever since.  I recently completed a work entitled, Ten Difficult Women: Their Impact and Legacy and really enjoyed both researching and writing this book. I will talk more about this project in the future. Stay in touch…

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  1. john hadalski says

    What a fantastic web-site. What a fabulous writer you are.

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    TEN DIFFICULT WOMEN: THEIR IMPACT AND LEGACY is selling well on Amazon, Kindle, and through various book sellers.
    If you would like your local bookstore to order you a copy (especially Barnes & Noble stores which have a very quick turn-around) simply provide the title and ISBN #: 978-1-4626-9549-2

    a 2012 USA Best Book Award Finalist in the category: "Spirituality:Inspirational," has run its two year contract with the original publisher. It has been picked up by another and should be released as a reprint by the end of 2014. Stay tuned!

    The title of my April/May column, "Perspectives," in Pet Tails Magazine is: "The Cat Lady." It tells the story of a woman in Pittsburgh who devoted her retirement years to rescuing the most hopeless, hapless cats from a local shelter and the interesting, elegant lifestyle she and seven of these lucky kitties lived before her recent death.

    NOTE TO ANIMAL LOVERS: All Pet Tails' articles can be read on-line at www.pettailsmagazine.com as soon as removed from news stands and replaced with current month's issue. In this case, after June 1st.

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