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Posted by Karen Hadalski at 9 February 2012

Category: Reincarnation

I’ve received several emails from readers during the past 2 weeks on the possibility of reconnecting with a pre-deceased loved one and the difference between a soul mate and a twin soul.

With regard to the former:  Since energy never dies, just transforms; and, since Love is the most powerful “connector” of distinct energy fields, when we lose a loved one, this is just a physical separation. The spiritual bond endures and can be accessed through the heart and Mind–rather than the human brain and reason–by way of prayer, meditation, and contemplation.

A method available to access the history of your soul’s involvement with another person is to locate a licensed, professional hypnotic life-regressionist.  Personally, I wouldn’t allow myself to be hypnotized/regressed by anyone not possessing a M.D. in Psychiatry or a Ph.D. in Psychology.  When you give-over so much self-control, you want to be absolutely CERTAIN that your mind and spirit are in capable, ethical hands.  The only time I have ever experienced hypnosis was when I was in the audience, listening to a speaker who demonstrated his process with a subject on stage! Once I realized how susceptible I was to the “suggestions” of hypnotists, I resolved to never turn over so much self-control to anyone.  Yet, When I read about the work Dr. Micheal Newton has done regressing patients who were in the Theta state of consciousness, I do think I would at least consider turning myself over to someone trained in his methodology–possessing impeccable credentials and references–if ever there arose a  subject I felt a deep need to explore and could not find resolution by going within.

Another path to exploring the history of your connection with others is to obtain a Life-Reading. People who offer these refer to themselves as mystics, seers, sensitives, and, most often, psychics. “Psychic” derives form the Greek, psychikos, and simply means “of the soul.”  But, again, you should do your homework before obtaining a life reading from anyone.  Because I am positively impressed with the body of work of the early 20th century psychic Edgar Cayce, I went through the Association for Research and Enlightenment when searching for a person to do a life reading on myself.  And, when I received it–from a distance and via tape–there was no doubt in my mind that the soul history being accessed and “downloaded” from the Akashic Records was my own.  It was too detailed and specific to question; and, it was extremely edifying and helpful to me in tying together multifarious life-experiences, relationships, propensities, and past-life memories.

The subject of soul mates and twin souls is one I touch upon in my novella, Enduring Destiny, and will discuss in next week’s blog.

In the meantime, never fear! The bonds of love are strong, transcend materiality, and will only be broken if you and/or your beloved choose to break them.


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