Manifest Destiny

Posted by Karen Hadalski at 2 November 2012

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I’m an Independent who has voted for Democrats, Republicans and third party candidates throughout the years.  I try to keep my blog posts non-political.  But—I Believe in Destiny.  I also believe that never in the history of America–since our Founding Fathers–has there been a man so profoundly destined to restore the principles and vision of those founders; lift us out of the fiscal, social, and foreign affairs abyss of the present; and lead us into a sane and solvent future than Mitt Romney.

He was born for this moment in history to a mother who was told she could have no more children; nurtured by the uniquely American religion of Mormonism; raised by two socially and politically involved parents; motivated by a morality of service and stewardship; and educated in both Business Administration and Law at Harvard University.

Though jealously denigrated for being “too rich”–primarily by those who have not been able to achieve the American Dream themselves or have come into their wealth in mysterious, dubious ways–Romney is, in fact, one of the finest examples of what “being American” is all about.

Yes, he was gifted with a stable, secure upbringing and a good education.  However, he attained his simultaneous degrees through self-discipline, focus, and hard work.  Yes, he has amassed millions–every dollar of which was earned, not inherited–and which has been invested and managed with sound judgement and prudence.

And, what has he done with these millions?  He has raised and prepared five outstanding sons to contribute to society in five uniquely individual fields of endeavor, is a devoted husband, and loving grandfather to eighteen grandchildren. He has served his Church as a Missionary, a Pastor, and tithes (gives 10% of his income to the church) religiously.  He also contributes approximately thirty percent of his wealth to a variety of charitable causes on a regular basis.

He has put his financial and business management skills to good use on behalf of many during his tenure with Bain Capital and by rescuing the 2002 Olympics from impending collapse.

He learned what it takes to govern in a cooperative, bi-partisan way through being elected Governor of one of the bluest of blue states in America and working across the aisle to eliminate Massachusetts’ billion-plus deficit and create both a surplus and a balanced budget for four consecutive years.  He created a state centered health care program which insures virtually every Massachusetts resident. He established a program to fully fund every high school senior in the top 25% of his or her graduating class to any state college or university of their choice.  He recruited 1,000 skilled math and science teachers; instituted a bonus program to reward top-performing educators; and established new interventions –including full-day Kindergarten classes–for failing schools and at risk children.  At the end of his term Massachusetts schools were ranked #1 in the nation, AND #10 world-wide in Math and English.

By the end of his single term as Governor (he didn’t run for a second term, opting to explore a run for the Presidency, instead) Massachusetts had risen 22 places:  from dead last to 28th in job growth.

Romney was also the first Governor in his state’s history to appoint a Secretary of Veteran Affairs to his Cabinet, and he increased benefits to National Guard members as well as to disabled veterans and families of missing and fallen soldiers.

Altogether, he is a candidate in possession of the personal qualities, experience, preparedness, maturity, clarity or vision, and integrity of purpose America so desperately needs–RIGHT NOW.

Romney isn’t running because he needs the money, is hungry for personal adulation and the spotlight, or is seeking to “fill in the blanks” where personal identity and self-esteem are concerned.  He is, already, a successful, complete, stable, self-fulfilled human being.  He is running for President because he knows he possesses a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and skills that can be usefully employed in the service of the country he loves.  Period.

Mitt Romney is the right person, for the right job, at the right time in America’s history.  It is both his destiny and ours that he becomes our 45th President.

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