Staying Centered

Posted by Karen Hadalski at 12 February 2013

Category: Body-Mind-Spirit

Do you sense fluctuation–even chaos–in our world and/or in your emotional world? Much has been written about the transition we are going through as we move from the age of Pisces into the “new age” of Aquarius. It’s all about energy, and a fluctuation of energetic vibrations never before experienced by humanity.

This is unsettling!  Yet, it isn’t a bad thing; just different.  Moving from one level of consciousness to another, higher level always causes emotional volatility. And, according to The Hathor Material: Messages From An Ascended Civilization (Tom Kenyon, 1996, Orb Communications), this challenge to humanity’s emotional body (not to mention the Earth’s physical body) will continue for some time as the Earth moves through its transition phase of chaos into a new order.

The Hathor’s remind us that chaos and disturbances are occurring on all levels: from the atomic and molecular, to the geologic, through social, economic, and individual emotional responses to people and things around us.

So, we might as well accept this as our 21st century “state of being” and learn methods to help us hold on to our balance and equilibrium through it all.

I’ve always reconnected to my center during meditation.  But, in order to meditate, I need to find a quiet, secluded place and set-aside about 20 minutes.  And neither is always available when I need it most.

However, the Hathor’s offer a centering/grounding method I’m finding easy to access at a moment’s notice, regardless of where I am, who I am with, and how much time I have available.  They describe it as: “Balancing emotional energies by connecting ‘heaven’ to ‘earth’ through the pranic tube.  This allows the individual to ‘self ground’ making emotional states easier to manage.” (p. 73)

While I suggest you read about this method in the book I refer to, or by accessing Kenyon’s web site: , in order to obtain a clear and complete explanation and grasp of exactly how this works and how to work with it, this is what I do:

First, I imagine a tube of light (life force, pranic energy) running through the center of my body, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.  Then, I extend this tube from my head to as high a point as feels natural to me at any particular time. This might be a few feet, to the sky, deep space, or beyond. The distance doesn’t matter.  Then, I extend the tube from the bottom  of my feet deep down into the center of the Earth. This is your “energy conduit.”

Once you can experience this source of light and energy both grounding your consciousness and transcending the Earth plane, move your awareness to your heart chakra (center of your chest).  Then, breathe in the heavenly energies from the top portion of your tube, allow these to circulate through and around your heart chakra, and exhale.  Follow this by breathing in the grounding earth-energies from the bottom half of your tube.  Again, allow these to circulate through and around your heart chakra and breathe out.  Repeat as many times as necessary to regain your stability and equilibrium.

I find I don’t need to do this more than once or twice before I feel centered, balanced, and rejuvenated.

What I’ve presented here is a VERY abbreviated explanation of this exercise–just enough to, hopefully, prompt you to explore the methodology in greater detail.  Please do!  Once you have accessed Kenyon’s web site ( ) go to the “Archives” section and click on the “Hathors” tab for access to all of their past messages.








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