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Posted by Karen Hadalski at 2 March 2013

Category: Body-Mind-Spirit

Since my last entry describing the Hathor’s pranic tube centering technique, I’ve received questions and responses regarding the need to connect our tube downward, into the earth.

If our goal is to transcend telluric matters and, ultimately, to make our ascension, shouldn’t we be working to remove ourselves from earthly matters and connections rather than anchoring ourselves to them?

Well, not really; not while we are in embodiment.  Remember: we chose to be here.  And, while we are still in the reincarnating phase of our Initiation, we need to be fully present and grounded in order to make the best choices and respond appropriately to situations in our lives.

This is not to say that you cannot also direct your consciousness to higher realms–or to multiple places, simultaneously.  However, if you want to “Be Here Now” and fully participate in your present embodiment, you must be grounded.

Our Earth is a conscious organism and is going through her own ascension process, as are all organisms dwelling upon it.  Plants, animals, and humans are all experiencing individual processes in order to be in harmony and alignment with Earth’s shift into a higher vibratory field.

The Hathor teachings tell us that, although the entire solar system is  going through the same process of changing vibrational fields, Earth’s process is “unique.”  This is why they are so interested in observing, teaching, and assisting us at this particular stage in our evolution.

One of the things they want us to be absolutely clear about is that our goal should not be merely to ascend to another octave; but, to “live our lives as fully and as richly as possible, constantly surrendering to the greater power of love and awareness.”–in this octave.

So, if you are attracted to the pranic tube visualization, I would continue to encourage you to extend your tube into the core of the Earth as well as upward, into the highest space/realm that feels comfortable to you.  In this way you will achieve true balance and centeredness.

(All references to Hathor teachings are taken from: The Hathor Material: Messages from an Ascended Civilization; Tom Kenyon; ORB Communications; 2012)






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