Posted by Karen Hadalski at 22 June 2013

Category: Body-Mind-Spirit

Have you ever noticed that when you have withdrawn into your mind and soul you rarely hear from others?  I’ve come to take this phenomenon for granted.  But,  when a friend mentioned his recent awakening to this fact of life, it occurred to me that some may not be as tuned-in to it as others.

Though I can’t do more than speculate about why this happens, my thoughts are that it is all about Energy. This is what we are, after all.  When you focus your energetic aura/presence on others by thinking about them, praying for them, visualizing them doing a particular activity, or calling forth memories of past interactions, nine times out of ten you will find that a call, email, letter, or news about that person will come to you within a short time span.

Conversely, when you wrap your energetic body closely around yourself during periods of convalescence, deep thought, transition, or artistic creativity its as though the significant others in your life just “get” that you need uninterrupted time and space and leave you to yourself.

If you pay attention to the behavior of your pets, you will notice their awareness of your needs as well.  I have 2 cats and 2 dogs.  Three out of four of these are naturally tuned-in to my moods and desires, as well as to those of one another. On days when I have a low energy level and feel the need to rest and be with myself, they either make themselves scarce or stay close by but extremely quiet and still– sleeping more than usual and demanding little if any of my time.  (The fourth, a spoiled little rescue kitty, is into her own needs 24-7.  I generally need to close a physical door to keep her out. I’ve known some people like that, too!)

This phenomenon is comforting to me as it serves as a reminder of how spiritually connected we are.  I imagine that if we ever come to realize, honor, and cultivate this connection we will, as a species, move beyond the imperfect, inaccurate communication tools we currently use–speaking and writing–and simply “tune-in,” telepathically, to one another.

Wouldn’t that be great? Imagine the implications! No more hidden agendas, projections, duplicity, or gamesmanship.  We would all be seen and understood for who we REALLY are.  This is how it is in the realm of Spirit. Perhaps this is one of the spiritual gifts that will be available to us when the golden age of Aquarius fully manifests? I can’t think of a time in human history when such a gift would be more  instructive, useful, enlightening and (for some) uncomfortable than today.


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